CHEERS Services

Offering one stop service from consultation to assessment and interventions

Parental and Child Consultation

Book a Session for us to understand your child's needs and do an screening to check on your concerns


Working with persons having signs of anxiety, depression, anger management issue, self-confidence, social challenge.


Assessment for various needs: Autism - ADHD -Dyslexia -Dyspraxia -Dyscalculia - School Readiness (5 -7 yo) - Re-evaluation assessment (for examination access arrangement) -

Skills Intervention

Enhancement in skills in planning, organization, task initiation, flexibility, attention, self-control, metacognition, working memory, time management and perseverance.

Parental Training

Parental training is a key tool to help support your child's growth and development. Learn effective communication, set boundaries with love, and be involved in their learning journey. Your guidance and support can make a world of difference in their success and happiness.

Educational Therapy

We follow the guidelines as follows: Implement evidence-based interventions based on identified weaknesses. Progress Monitoring: Communication and Collaboration: Collaborate with teachers, counselors, and professionals for comprehensive support.