Psychological Assessment Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment Qn: Are your psychologist and assessment test tools recognised by the Ministry of Education?
Our psychologist holds full membership with the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) and is a registered supervisor with the SPS. Additionally, our test tools are contemporary and widely recognized internationally, employed by psychologists globally.
Counselling Qn: How fast can I see result?
Each individual possesses unique traits, and the outcomes hinge on factors such as the case profile, the person's openness to change, and the strength of the supportive network around them. Meanwhile, we provide the necessary time and space for individuals to undergo personal growth and development.
Ed Therapy Qn: What is your curriculum for educational therapy?
We adhere to the latest MOE syllabus using a multi-sensory approach, offering each child the opportunity to learn through hands-on experiences. Utilizing visual cue cards and prompts enhances the learning process. Recognizing the individual needs of children, we exercise patience and provide repetitive, step-by-step guidance as necessary.
General: What are the staff qualifications?
Our highly qualified staff undergo regular training, holding credentials such as a diploma in special needs, diploma in education, or a master's degree in psychology. Our team comprises former school teachers, special needs officers, and specialists with diverse experience across different educational levels, including pre-schools and tertiary education, in both public and private sectors.
General: How are fees determined?
Our consultation fee aligns with hospital private rates, standing at $135 per hour. Assessments range from $500 to $700 per test component. Intervention sessions commence at $100 per session for a group of 4 students, with reduced pricing for early learners. In the spirit of service, we extend subsidies to support the lower-income group.
Skills: What kind of skills interventions do you provide?
We offer a diverse array of interventions, including play therapy, art therapy, occupational therapy, social skills training, executive functioning training, as well as workshops for parents. Our programs encompass lessons on healthy coping strategies for managing anger, anxiety, and depression.
Recommendation: Who recommends CHEERS Learning?
Initially focused on home-based sessions, our clientele has grown significantly over the years, thanks to positive word-of-mouth referrals attesting to our effective work. We maintain close communication with both parents and school personnel, fostering a tripartite relationship that forms a robust support network for our clients. Currently, we conduct back-to-back sessions at our center or arrange home visits for an additional fee. Notably, CHEERS consistently earns recognition, being featured in the list of Best Psychological Services.

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